Friday, 26 April 2013

Spring Breeze

What else can one do on a sunny afternoon but hang out with ones friends and enjoying the sun?
That is what I did with my dear friend and we took some great photos together. We initially didn't have very much inspiration but once we sat down on the grass admiring the splendid town we live in, creativity came into our minds and photos started to come out like toasted bread! Some pics are boisterously funny others a little stranger, but all of them respect the fun we had that day.
My outfit was very much 90s grunge, and that was all thanks to dad's jeans jacket that he kindly lent me. The rest was all blue, my undoubtedly favourite colour, as it's not as gloomy as black, but without losing its soberness. To finish the outfit I wore the infallible doc martens, the best shoes that have ever been invented.
This outfit was not at all prepared for the blog as I decided to make a post with the photos we took about a week later. This is also my staple look for going to school, so I hope it can be of some inspiration for those teens put there that wake up in the morning and ask themselves what shall I wear this morning?